Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | July 30, 2009

Event Marketer Webinar on Twitter – Key Takeaways

twitter-birdEvent Marketer Magazine had a webinar earlier this week titled “Getting Wired: Tying Your Events to Twitter.” The webinar was moderated by Rory J. Thompson, Event Marketer Magazine, with Ken BriodaghChris De Armond, and Paul Salinger. Here are the key takeaways form the webinar and the hashtag for the event is #emtwibinar:


 Pre-, During- and Post- Event Promotion:

  • Provide discounts to Twitter followers which provides value to the community
  • If you don’t want to publicize to all users, consider sending direct messages to specific followers with the offer
  • Have a corporate sponsor for the Twitter lounge in physical and virtual worlds
  • Have a place for people to view the tweets in one location – plasma monitors throughout the conference, computer stations, etc. (Within the virtual event, the lounge or auditorium can provide the right location for the Twitter stream)
  • Work with power users/influencers to make sure that they are on board and using the right hashtag to further drive conversations
  • Start using the Twitter hashtag for your event as soon as you can
  • Listen to community first, provide value, then “promote” event
  • Keep the hashtag if this is an annual event or part of a series as this builds brand awareness over time
  • Keep your hashtag short as you only have 140 characters

If you want to use Twitter during a physical event, consider the following:

  • Provide power for people with laptops and cell phones, as well as wifi access
  • Don’t assume that Twitter and phone service provider will have enough bandwidth
  • Don’t spam people following the event with too many promotions
  • Have a conduct policy as these are public comments

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