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InXpo Insights is written by InXpo employees and guest contributors. The purpose of this blog is to educate readers about virtual events while providing occasional updates about the development of InXpo’s Virtual Events solutions.

Comment Moderation

To ensure the integrity of the blog and its content, InXpo moderates all comments, trackbacks and pingbacks on the InXpo Insights blog, although we will seek to review and approve comments in a timely manner.

Comment Etiquette

Our goal is to promote a healthy dialogue regarding the virtual events industry and a conversation with those interested in InXpo’s products, solutions and services. With that said, any comment, trackback or pingback that is untrue, uses profane language, or personally attacks a blog contribitor or the company will not be allowed and the person may be subsequently blocked.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The InXpo Terms of Use and Privacy Policy  apply to all user activities on InXpo Insights, including any and all comments or content posed. InXpo reserves the right to remove any posting which conflicts with the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Please review these policies for more information.  


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