Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | June 23, 2009

Twitter Basics for Events

A few weeks ago, I did a presentation titled “Twitter Basics for Events.” Since Twitter has key benefits for both physical and virtual events, I didn’t focus this only for virtual uses. The one difference is with virtual, you can immediately drive audiences to the virtual event from a tweet whereas jumping on a place to a physical event would not be possible.

Here is a summary of the video and I look forward to hearing your comments, questions or suggestions:

What is Twitter?

  • Conversation with your community and your followers’ community
  • Followers: what is this, how to find new people to follow, how to unfollow
  • Sending public (@[username]) and private messages (D @[username])
  • Retweeting: how to do this and why
  • Blocking or not blocking a person

Personal or Professional use of Twitter

  • Brands: who is your audience, quality of tweets, number of tweets

Public vs. Private

  • Why and when to keep your account public vs. private

Twitter and Events

  • Before Twitter – one-way broadcasts to an audience
  • After Twitter – everyone engages in a conversation
  • Increases event word of mouth

Using  Hashtags to Promote Events on Twitter

  • Researching and creating one for your event
  • Keep them short and unique and promote the hashtag

Twitter Best Practices

  • Brand your Twitter page
  • Provide useful information to educate, connect and engage people

Be Like Obama

  • Can you be like Obama in using social media to engage your audiences?

Tweet this on Twitter

Video on Twitter Basics for Events by @InXpoLive:


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