Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | June 16, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Jason Falls of Doe Anderson Discusses Social Media and Virtual Events

Jason Falls, VP and Director of Interactive and Online Communicatons, Doe Anderson, and well-known blogger of Social Media Explorer.  While Jason was attending the IABC conference last week, we met up in Larkspur, CA to chat more about social media and events. Here is a summary of our conversation:

Social Media is a Support Mechanism

  • Social media is a strong support mechanism for any product service, not just events – virtual or in-person
  • Need to understand that social media is a support mechanism – it’s not the only thing you can do in the marketing world and supports your strategy

Social Media Boon for Virtual Events

  • Social media is a real boon for events especially if integrating with Twitter and other social services which allow people to tell friends what they’re doing
  • If can add a hashtag, then the socal graph or friend networks of those participating can see the event and click through to immediately join the event
  • Social media can be a growth category due to the viral nature for virtual events

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