Virtual Insights is written by various individuals at INXPO. Meet the authors:

Rich Hawkinson

richhawkinsonA co-founder of INXPO, Rich Hawkinson is responsible for the Product Management and Product Development areas of the business. Product Management works with INXPO customers and industry experts to collect ideas on what will improve the virtual events and webcasting experience but importantly where is virtual heading in the future.  The Development team then incorporates and tests all of the virtual platform and webcasting features.

Sean Patrick Keen

seanSean Patrick Keen is a Webcasting Product Manager at INXPO. He is responsible for working with the Development and Creative teams on new product developments, and for introducing clients to new features.  Sean has extensive experiencing in webcasting and has produced over one hundred webcasts.  Prior to INXPO, Sean spent several years working with new media companies and creative agencies, specializing in project management and web design.

John Leahy


John Leahy is the Director of Product Management at INXPO works closely with Customers, Partners and Salespeople as well as Production and Development teams on designing and validating new functional requirements.  John has been working in technology for over 25 years and has been working with Internet technologies for over 15 years.

Dennis Shiao

dennis1Dennis Shiao is Director of Product Marketing at INXPO.  Prior to INXPO, Dennis served as Director of Product Management, Webcasts at TechTarget, where he helped produce virtual trade shows for B-to-B technology advertisers.  Prior to TechTarget, Dennis spent several years in Information Technology management, with responsibility for large scale web and server infrastructure.


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