Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | August 17, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Rick Buer of Maritz and Future of Virtual Events

Rick Buer, Senior Vice President, Maritz and General Manager of Maritz LIVE sat down with Adam Mankoff, EVP and co-founder of InXpo for this episode of XpoTalk. Maritz recently launched a LIVE initiative as a strategic approach to deliver virtual experiences and events. Rick discussed Maritz’ LIVE initiative for delivering virtual events and experiences, as well as the future of virtual events.

Note: There is some background noise in the video and recommend turning up the volume. Sooner or later, well figure out how to use these Flip cameras =) InXpo is also a partner of Maritz’.

Local Interactive Virtual Events (LIVE) (00:57.60)

  • Maritz has been involved in various aspects of virtual events ranging from semi-broadcast in support of pharmaceutical clients and use of web collaboration tools for learning activities
  • In Fall 2008, Maritz took a holistic look at where the market was going for virtual
  • Did a formal build out of what Maritz LIVE would be as part of the organizations three year planning process. However, the economic crisis hit and AIG effect turned the three year plan into a three month plan
  • With Maritz partnerships,Maritz is seeking to bring a relevant solution to the marketplace

What is your five Cs approach for Virtual Events? (02:12.00)

  • Took a look at virtual and realized that most people were focusing on cost and [the environment  inaudible section). For the most part cost after financial crisis.
  • Realized that there were other areas of value to focus on cost, content, collaboration, community along with carbon piece is a holistic approach to provide multiple value to customers

Where is the virtual events industry headed in the next 3-5 years? (03:00.00)

  • In the short term, have seen this as a replacement of meeting and events and will continue to see this due to the cost issues and public relations issues out there
  • Believe will get back to a normal view of business and more effective and efficient way to drive business results which will lead the industry down two distinct paths:
    • Blended approach of live and virtual where they co-exist, support and enhance one another
    • Look at all the other tools that organizations have to drive performance such as education, employee motivation and resource. Believe that virtual will become part of the tool set and become integrated into those tools

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