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CDC might recommend social distancing (fewer meetings)

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Image by hitthatswitch via Flick



I was listening to the radio in the other day and heard a discussion about the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for how businesses and employers should plan for a widespread flu outbreak this fall.

The guest speaker was very thorough and covered many of the items listed on the CDC web site CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers To Plan and Respond to the 2009–2010 Influenza Season

What got my attention was a comment the guest speaker made about meetings.  He basically said that businesses should plan to hold fewer meetings if the flu becomes widespread in the fall.

Here’s what the CDC says on their business guidance web page:

“If severity increases, public health officials may recommend a variety of methods for increasing the physical distance between people (called social distancing) to reduce the spread of disease, such as school dismissal, child care program closure, canceling large community gatherings, canceling large business-related meetings, spacing workers farther apart in the workplace, canceling non-essential travel, and recommending work-from-home strategies for workers that can conduct their business remotely.”

Not having meetings might sound like a smart thing to the CDC, but businesses can’t stop communicating and collaborating with their employees, partners and customers.

Virtual meetings are a great alternative to physical meetings, but especially when there are good reasons to avoid travel.  If you’re planning an important meeting for the fall, consider making it a virtual meeting.  You’ll get the same business results, with a lower cost, and you won’t be disrupted by a flu outbreak that could disrupt travel or risk the health of your constituents.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This is an interesting take on the benefits of virtual gatherings. The focus previously has been on the reduction of costs as well as productivity. This CDC guidance is another way to enhance the value of virtual corporate spaces and meetings and makes a lot of sense. Noone wants the flu and worse, noone’s wants to aid the spreading.

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