Posted by: Dennis Shiao | February 28, 2011

Creating Virtual Events in 6 Easy Steps


My colleague Sean Keen recently wrote how virtual event platforms can allow content and brands to take center stage.  Sean’s piece focused on the attendee experience, otherwise known as the “front end”.  I’d like to take you inside the “back end” of our INXPO VX Platform and show you just how easy it is to create new virtual events, and load in your content and branding.  In less than an hour, you can create the foundation of your virtual event via these 6 easy steps.

1) Select Your Event Type.

We’ve packaged up common event types for you: virtual booth, executive briefing center, trade show, conference, product launch center and learning center.  For a virtual trade show, selecting “trade show” provides you with a pre-determined set of spaces and features.  Because we’ve hosted hundreds of virtual trade shows for clients, we have a pretty good sense of the most common spaces and features in a typical trade show.

If you’ve already produced events in the system, you have the option of “cloning” a previous event and customizing it from there. For instance, perhaps you produced a virtual trade show in 2010 and are looking to create the 2011 version – why not start from last year’s event as a foundation?

2) Choose Your Spaces.

We’ve provided you with a pre-determined set of spaces for your event type, but you’re not required to use all of them.  If you choose not to have a Prize Center in your trade show, you can delete it with a single click.

Similarly, if you “cloned” last year’s trade show and decided that this year’s show will have one less Lounge, you can simply delete the extra spaces with a few clicks of the mouse.  If there are new spaces you’d like to enable, you can add spaces just as easily as you deleted the others.

3) Pick Features You Need.

Determine what features you’d like to make available in your event.  For instance, perhaps you want to enable Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn via the INXPO Social Suite.  Enable each service by clicking a check box, add your Twitter ID and hash tag, and away you go.  Enabling and disabling features is as easy as adding and removing spaces.

4) Design Your Own Reporting.

We provide you with a comprehensive set of reports for your event.  You can build your own “data portal” by reviewing the data and metrics important to you and enabling them into your reporting dashboard.  To save on real estate, you only enable the data and reports you want to see.

5) Load Your Content.

You’ll find yourself spending the most time on this step.  “Event content” encompasses quite a lot – it’s everything from branding and signage, to session abstracts, to speaker bios, to exhibitor listings, to event notifications, to email reminder text.  And more!  Take the time to do this step well – I believe your event depends on it.

6) Open Your Event.

You don’t want to open your event to the public until it’s been reviewed, checked and tested, of course, but with INXPO VX Platform, it’s never been easier to review the progress of your event, as it’s being built.  After each step, you can generate a real-time preview, to see the result of the change you just applied.  In addition, your colleagues can be invited in to review the event as well.  You can provide them with “read-write” or “read-only” access, depending on whether you’d like them to make changes as well (or not!).


Building virtual event has never been easier.  View our video to see the 6 Easy Steps in action.


  1. Thank you for the post. These steps are simple yet helpful! Virtual trade shows have become very popular and cost effective medium of providing business effective exposure!

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