Posted by: Dennis Shiao | February 11, 2011

Practical Advice for Virtual Event Exhibitors


Good news for virtual event exhibitors:

There are a lot of virtual events you can sponsor.

Bad news for virtual event exhibitors:

There are a lot of virtual events you can sponsor.

How do you select which virtual events to sponsor? On Eloqua’s “It’s All About Revenue” blog, Jesse Noyes provides many of the answers in a great piece titled “5 Tips For Sponsoring Virtual Events“.

Selecting Virtual Events to Sponsor

The 5 tips from Noyes are:

  1. Examine the Main Sponsor’s Credibility
  2. Mind the Gap Between Theme and Your Business
  3. Mix It Up
  4. Stagger Your Timeline
  5. Track, Track, Track

These are all great tips – and the one that resonates most with me is tip #2 (“Mind the Gap”). Noyes sums it up perfectly when he writes, “If there’s not a relatively direct route from the theme of the conference to the product or service you provide, it will prove harder to convert the leads you collect.”

I’ve seen a number of virtual event exhibitors sponsor “the topic”, rather than sponsoring the “the topic that directly matches the products and services we provide”.  To Noyes’ points, I believe exhibitors need to ask themselves these key questions:

  1. What business problems (or challenges) are attendees looking to solve?
  2. What do attendees need in order to solve the problem?
  3. Do my company’s products and services “fit” within the answers for #1 and #2?

Best Practices for your Virtual Exhibit

Noyes provides a sidebar on virtual exhibit best practices that is as valuable as the main article. He lists the following:

  1. Be On Point
  2. Don’t Be Stingy
  3. Be Noticeable
  4. Buy Stamps
  5. Take A Walk
  6. Follow Up Fast

“Buy Stamps” is something virtual event exhibitors will need to practice more intelligently. If prospects are already “hot leads” in your CRM system and your booth staff are not aware of this, then that’s not a good thing.  Just like customer service reps who pull up your customer record when your call comes in, booth staffers need the right information (and context) before they engage with visitors and prospects.

Here’s a link to the full posting:

Related Content

We have a white paper called “Beyond the Booth: Best Practices in Planning and Executing Virtual Exhibitions and Sponsorships”. Give me a shout-out if you’re interested in receiving a copy.

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