Posted by: michaelwestcott | November 9, 2010

Three Tips for a Successful Virtual Event

I believe the three most important aspects of any event, virtual or otherwise are:


A virtual event is still an event and needs to start with clear objectives and strategy. This one often sounds obvious, but you want to make sure you are using virtual for the right reasons. Start by asking yourself these 6 questions:

  1. Are you looking to cut costs?
  2. Do you want to improve communication and productivity?
  3. Are you seeking new revenue?
  4. How should this be integrated with existing tactics and events?
  5. Do you have one-time or year-round programmatic event needs?
  6. Should you do a hybrid or standalone event?


Look at your community, not as just a single outside audience to reach, but as three concentric rings of relationships. Consider this three ring approach:

  1. Get executive management support and buy-in by clearly communicating the business benefits of the technology
  2. Motivate your staff and employees to become active advocates in the process through recognition, incentives and opportunity to contribute content and ideas
  3. And then engage your partners and customers to help build momentum, marketing and spread the word about your event by including them in the content, development and benefits of the event

This three-ring approach will help ensure success by bringing engaged people to the event and encouraging them to actively contribute to content, conversation and marketing through their own networks as well. prospects. By engaging each group successively, you have a much better chance of success


The old media phrase content is king applies to the extent that your community is engaged in helping to build and expand on the content through a well designed experience that encourages conversation AND collaboration to turn ideas into action that businesses can use. Your technology and your experience design needs to accommodate active dialog throughout, integrate social media tools and feature opportunities for smaller work sessions and collaborative activities to help make the most of this emerging technology.

For more information, including our VIRTUAL PLAYBOOK, visit us here:

Cheers, m

Michael Westcott

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