Posted by: Dennis Shiao | September 29, 2010

Go Virtual For Your Next Corporate Event


The days of a corporation being located in a single building are long gone. In a world that’s flat, businesses are now globally distributed.  Employees, consultants, partners and clients span not only multiple cultures, but multiple time zones as well.  In this day and age, even the customary routine of the “team meeting” can be a challenge.  I bet many of you work in a team with at least one team member in a different time zone.

Virtual Business, Real Results

To bring teams together for a corporate event, consider a virtual meeting platform.  You can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Significant cost reduction
  2. Enhanced productivity, due to elimination of “out of office time”
  3. Enhanced learning and retention, via the use of specific, virtual learning tactics
  4. Reduction in carbon emissions

Case Study

In 2010, the Cisco Services organization was looking for a way to expand effective communication and collaboration opportunities to the broader organization.  The Services team decided to use a combination of Web 2.0 technologies to create a 100% virtual event for 2010. They called it “Cisco Services Summit 2010.”  The virtual solution would lower overall costs, while facilitating communication and collaboration to make the event available to the entire organization.

After evaluating several virtual event platforms, Cisco selected INXPO as its partner for the 2010 Services Summit.  A two-day, live virtual conference was produced, with events scheduled to accommodate a global audience.  Viewers in North America, Europe, Emerging Markets, Asia Pacific, China and Japan could all view key, live sessions during standard business hours.

“Our team has been through a major transformation over the past year, and the fact that we were able to take the changes in stride and continue to execute without missing a step speaks volumes to the talent and professionalism of this entire team,” said Karen Walker, VP of Marketing and Communications, Cisco Services.

Collaboration Award

The event was deemed a success, as Cisco Services Summit 2010 was selected as the winner of the coveted “Collaboration Across Cisco” award.  John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, announced the award at a company meeting.

“Congratulations to the Cisco Services organization on a well-deserved recognition.  We were honored to be selected as the virtual platform for this event.  We admire the vision of the Services team in using next generation event technologies to advance the meetings experience,” said Chris Meyer, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, INXPO.


Corporate travel budgets have decreased, but business must go on.  We’ve helped many clients successfully take their corporate kick-off, sales kick-off and corporate learning events virtual.  By going virtual, geographic barriers are instantly eliminated.  You extend the reach of your event, while saving costs, enhancing productivity and improving the company’s bottom line.

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