Posted by: Dennis Shiao | September 9, 2010

Can Hybrid and Virtual Events Be Interactive and Social?

Mike Westcott, VP Marketing at INXPO, gave a presentation today at Event Camp Twin Cities 2010 – “Can Hybrid and Virtual Events Be Interactive and Social?

Abstract: Can Hybrid and Virtual Events be interactive experiences? Many people think about it like watching TV. Join Mike Westscott, VP of Marketing at INXPO to talk about the challenges in making events social and interactive. Then, Mike will talk about some strategies that you can implement in your events to make hybrid and virtual events social and interactive.

Great Questions & Tweets

Mike received many questions from the on-site audience, the Dallas/Basel audiences and the virtual and Twitter audiences.  In addition, the #ectc10 tweetstream was quite active while Mike was presenting.  In lieu of posting a conventional summary of Mike’s presentation, we’re going to let the audience do the job, by way of selected tweets.

Presentation’s Premise

Mike began his presentation by answering, “YES”, hybrid and virtual events can be interactive and social. In fact, Event Camp Twin Cities is the existence proof.

#ectc10 “We’re already getting feedback” from remote and onsite: hybrid events can be very interactive, provide a lot more value. – Westcott

Transforming the Web

At INXPO, we believe we’re transforming the web from pages and files to destinations and  events, where people go to meet, learn and do business.

transform the web from pages and files to destinations and events – YES Mike!! #ectc10

Mike Westcott: Webinars & Webcasts -> Virtual Events -> Virtual Spaces & Places #ectc10

Benefits of Hybrid Events to Corporations, Associations and More

Mike shared some case studies of how INXPO clients have benefited from virtual and hybrid events (e.g. Cisco, GE, United Way, etc.).

#ectc10 Hybrid trade show cut costs, accelerated the sales cycle, facilitated $4 million in sales to virtual attendees. – Westcott

Love, love, love this GE virtual #tradeshow example #ectc10

Virtual Augments Physical

As demonstrated by Event Camp Twin Cities 2010, virtual augments physical, it does not cannibalize or replace it.

giving a virtual component in this economy is a must- people just cant go to every event (why i am sitting here in my office0 #ectc10

Virtual Events are an addition not a subtraction! WOW powerful thought! #ectc10

#ectc10 I feel 1000% virtual does not poach in-person attendance also!! They extend the brand reach beyond what it would be otherwise!

Event Strategy

Mike provided strategic advice around building compelling experiences.

#ectc10 Compelling, integrated virtual content includes social media, gaming, and creating the right immersive experiences. – Westcott


We are thrilled, honored and privileged to be given the opportunity of participating in Event Camp Twin Cities 2010.  Thanks to the event’s excellent (and volunteer!) organizers and hosts.  And, thanks to all of you who viewed, listened and engaged with us!

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