Posted by: Dennis Shiao | September 7, 2010

INXPO To Present On Hybrid Events At Event Camp Twin Cities 2010

Innovators, thought leaders and practitioners in the events and meetings industry are assembling this week at Event Camp Twin Cities 2010.  While some attendees have already tweeted that they landed in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), this hybrid event provides attendees with many options for getting a piece of the action.

In fact, there are “five ways to get to Event Camp” – the on-site face-to-face experience in Minneapolis, two off-site face-to-face gatherings (Dallas,  Texas [USA] and Basel, Switzerland), live webcasts provided by Sonic Foundry and (last, but not least) Twitter.

For the live webcasts, Emilie Barta will be serving as the virtual event emcee, “to guide you through the event and make sure that you are connected to the face-to-face audience” – what a great idea.  For tweets about Event Camp Twin Cities 2010, follow the hash tag #ectc10 – and, be sure to include that hash tag in your own tweets.

INXPO Presentation

We are thrilled and honored to have Mike Westcott, our VP of Marketing, host a presentation and discussion around hybrid events.

Can Hybrid and Virtual Events Be Interactive and Social?
Mike Westcott, VP Marketing, INXPO
Thu Sep-09, 11:15 AM CDT- 12:00 PM CDT

Abstract: Can Hybrid and Virtual Events be interactive experiences? Many people think about it like watching TV. Join Mike Westscott, VP of Marketing at INXPO to talk about the challenges in making events social and interactive. Then, Mike will talk about some strategies that you can implement in your events to make hybrid and virtual events social and interactive.

We’d Love to Hear from You

We’d like to have Mike’s session be a dialog, rather than a one-way presentation.  As such, we’re hoping that there are lots of questions and comments from the on-site audience, the “satellite” audiences and the virtual audiences.  We’re thrilled to be a part of this event, collaborating with leading thinkers on how the event and meeting experience will evolve.

Event Camp Twin Cities Mission

Event Camp Twin Cities has am ambitious set of objectives.  Whether you attend on-site or virtually, the goal is to send you “home” with this result:

“Yes, I have now seen how hybrid event technology, social media and new collaborative formats can transform events. Yes, we could try ________ at our event. We may not be able to do it without help – but yes we could do it. AND, we could do it 10 times better than those crazy people at Event Camp Twin Cities.”

See you at Event Camp Twin Cities!

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