Posted by: Sean Patrick Keen | August 2, 2010

Latest INXPO Release Underscores The Power of The Platform

XPOCAST, the patent pending webcast tool now leads the industry in capacity and scalability with increased bandwidth and virtually unlimited capacity by leveraging Akamai’s global content delivery network, enhancing performance for global markets.

Increased Capacity for Your Largest Audiences

We’ve dramatically increased the capacity of the XPOCAST webcasting platform.  To support your largest audiences, webcasts can now be delivered using the Akamai EdgePlatform, “a network of more than 65,000 secure servers equipped with proprietary software and deployed in 70 countries”.  XPOCAST webcasts delivered via the Akamai EdgePlatform can be audio or video, live or on-demand.



Social Media Integration

In May 2010, we were the first virtual event platform to unveil full-scale integration of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) into our events and business environments via INXPO Social Suite™.  Now, we’re bringing Social Suite into XPOCAST, allowing webcast viewers a convenient and consolidated view of social network activity, directly within the webcasting experience.

Incorporate Your Own Infrastructure

Webcast streams can now be delivered using a dedicated server inside your infrastructure.  This is useful for webcasts with a large internal audience, where security restrictions or bandwidth constraints prevent users from successfully maintaining a connection to an external media server.  You can now leverage your own internal infrastructure for streaming media delivery, significantly reducing the bandwidth strain on your office’s Internet connection.

More Flexibility: Network Ports

Corporate environments tend to have tight controls around firewall policies and allowed network ports. Because each environment has unique firewall settings, you can now adjust the streaming settings for your webcast, including which ports will be used. Now, your internal audience can view webcasts within the security rules set forth by your IT team.

Intelligent Streaming

There’s no value in waiting for video to “buffer” or in viewing highly choppy video. During a video webcast, we now check your bandwidth every 5 seconds to ensure that you have adequate bandwidth for the video stream.  If this test fails multiple times, the video stream is hidden and only the audio stream is played.  You can click on the “Show/Hide Video” toggle to attempt to re-enable the video stream.


Our aim is to make webcasting easier to use and easier to incorporate into your existing environment.  In addition, we aim to create compelling experiences for webcasting viewers and a seamless interface for presenters and speakers.  Contact us for a demo of XPOCAST.  In addition, visit our Facebook page to share your thoughts about webcasting.


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