Posted by: Dennis Shiao | May 10, 2010

INXPO Release 8.4: Exciting New Features

On Friday, May 7, 2010, INXPO deployed Release 8.4 of our Virtual Events Platform.  Previously, we introduced you to INXPO Social Suite.  With Friday’s release, the Social Suite is now available for activation within your event, show or business community.

Now, we’d like to tell you about additional features that are available on our platform.

Did You Know: In addition to new platform features, our typical release includes numerous updates, fixes and minor enhancements.  Release 8.4 includes over 250 of these updates!

Invite To Chat

How often does this scenario occur in a virtual tradeshow: a booth staffer engages in a 1:1 chat with a booth visitor.  Interested in the exhibitor’s products and services, the visitor asks the booth staffer a series of technical questions.  The questions are specific enough that the staffer needs to defer to a sales engineer or product manager.  The staffer writes, “Let me see if Jane is available. If she is, she’ll invite you to chat and be able to answer your questions.  Let me know if Jane does NOT contact you”.

With our new “Invite To Chat” feature, this scenario becomes much more convenient to both parties – within the 1:1 chat session, the booth staffer invites Jane to join the chat.  Once Jane accepts the chat invitation, she joins the existing chat, turning the 1:1 chat into a group chat room.  If Jane, in turn, needs the assistance of the CTO, then Jane can invite her to join the same chat.

Our “Invite To Chat rooms” also support video (via webcams)!  Up to four video “pods” can be enabled in any chat, allowing attendees to see and hear other attendees.  If all four video pods are in use, attendees will need for one of the pods to become available before enabling their own webcam.

Other potential uses:

  1. Departmental meetings for corporate settings: create an ad-hoc “meeting room” to discuss a group project, where team members can be seen and heard.
  2. Breakout sessions: create an ad-hoc breakout session within a virtual event, enabling your product manager to answer product questions to multiple visitors simultaneously.
  3. Where to go for lunch: in a corporate setting, conveniently assemble multiple colleagues into a “chat room” to coordinate whether to grab burgers or pizza.

Webcasts Made Easy

We’re excited to introduce XpoCast Builder, a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to build and prepare for webcasts in as little as 10 minutes.  XpoCast Builder provides flexible options for creating the webcast viewing experience to meet your organization’s unique style and branding requirements.

We make webcasting easy by streamlining the registration set-up and providing integrated email campaign management.  Once created, your webcast can now be placed anywhere on the web – include it on your corporate web site or embed the webcast in a blog posting.

Video Announcements

The keynote presentation of your event starts in 30 minutes – what better a way to remind attendees than to “push out” a scheduled video announcement featuring the host of your event – or, an executive from your company?  In a corporate event, remind users to attend the division VP’s session by having her pre-record a message (e.g. “My presentation airs in 15 minutes – don’t miss it!”).

The video announcement can be useful – but it’s most effective when paired with a call to action.  As you can see in the image (above), users can choose to click on an embedded hyperlink and be taken directly to an area of the event (e.g. the scheduled session itself).

Included in our Video Announcement is a recording feature – users login and record their greeting (via webcam and up to 60 seconds in duration).  Once recorded, the greeting is scheduled to be displayed at a particular day and time(s) – and, can be targeted to a specific group of users, based on their “role” (which we refer to as “attendee type”).

Alternatively, if you have a pre-existing video announcement, you can upload the video file into our platform and then schedule it to be broadcast.


We’re excited to see you enable these new features in your events and shows.  Drop us a comment below and let us know which ones you plan to use.

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