Posted by: Dennis Shiao | May 4, 2010

Introducing INXPO Social Suite

Press Release: Three Fastest Growing Sectors of the Software Industry Converge: InXpo Makes the Virtual World More Social


The web is increasingly social.  Events, whether physical or virtual, are increasingly social.  And games are increasingly social as well – rather than playing solitaire, you’re more likely to be tending your virtual farm and inviting friends to contribute crops and fertilizer.

In 2009, savvy event marketers leveraged social networks to generate pre-event awareness, sustain an ongoing dialog while the event was taking place and continue the conversation after the event concluded.  Whether it was a Twitter account (and hash tag), a LinkedIn Event page, a YouTube Channel or a Facebook Fan Page, event marketers extended the reach of their events and received the benefit of viral distribution.  Members of social networks shared event information with their friends and followers, promoting the event on behalf of the event host.

Social Meets Virtual

Until now, social activity around a virtual event occurred “in parallel” – the tweets to Twitter and the posts to Facebook happened “outside” of the virtual event experience, in a separate browser tab or a separate client application (e.g. TweetDeck).  With INXPO Social Suite, we’re bringing the social streams directly into the virtual event experience.

Now, attendees can view event tweets right from the virtual event experience – and, if they so choose, participate in the tweet stream by posting to Twitter from our platform.  Additionally, attendees can participate in a “live stream box” conversation on Facebook or check which LinkedIn Connections are attending the same event.  INXPO Social Suite supports the following social networks:

  1. Twitter: View tweets associated with a Twitter hash tag and participate in the Twitter conversation by submitting your own tweet directly from the platform.
  2. Facebook: View comments submitted by other attendees in a Facebook “Live Stream Box” and participate in the conversation by posting your own comment.  Additionally, view activity from your Facebook friends, directly in the INXPO Platform.
  3. LinkedIn: Colleagues and business partners may be attending the same virtual event as you! The INXPO Platform searches your LinkedIn Connections and determines which members of your LinkedIn network are registered and attending the same event.
  4. Group Chat: The “original” virtual event social network, the INXPO group chat feature enables attendees to interact and engage with one another on a wide range of topics.

Easy to Configure

INXPO Social Space is enabled and configured in INXPO EXPRESS, a powerful self-service administration tool. No custom coding or custom development is required.  Enable a social network by clicking on a check box – disable the same social network by de-selecting the check box.  Intuitive menus allow you to set background colors, set the placement of the social toolbar and define your Twitter hash tags.

Multiple Event Areas Become Social

More than just a link to external websites, the INXPO Social Space provides a single window to connect to multiple social networks from within your virtual environment. Available in any area of the Platform (e.g. Lounge, Auditorium, Booth, Lobby, Game Room, etc.), you can enable multiple social spaces, each with unique attributes, to increase engagement, interaction and collaboration among speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.

Social Webcasts

INXPO Social Space has been integrated with INXPO’s innovative webcasting solution – XpoCast, allowing Webcasts to evolve from a “one way” information stream to a multi-directional conversation.  The INXPO Social Space is available as a “tab” within XpoCast, allowing viewers to toggle among multiple areas of the Webcast.

Social Insights = ROI

Combined with INXPO’s in-depth tracking and reporting, we provide intelligence on the social interactions that audience members have with their social networks. Social Insights reporting includes data on how many attendees viewed their LinkedIn Connections, updated their status on Twitter and followed a listed Twitter user.

Additional Social Networks

Our platform architecture was designed from the very beginning to be flexible and adaptable – as such, integrating third party technology comes naturally to the platform (and to us!).  Social Suite is consistent with this approach – we make it easy and convenient to add more social networks to the suite.  When the “next Twitter” emerges, we’re ready to enable integration into our platform.

You’ve Got Game!

Social gaming can benefit any virtual event.  In a corporate event focused on training, games can deliver relevant content and facilitate retention more effectively than a 45 minute slide presentation.  In a virtual trade show, games (and the associated leader board) can generate high levels of engagement and valuable touch points between attendees and exhibitors.

We’re excited to launch the INXPO Games Library, allowing you to license games on a per-event, per-game basis.  The first two games available are Trivial Challenge and Word Scramble.  Games can be played on an individual or team basis – all game activity is tracked in our platform, building a rich engagement profile of each attendee.  We’ll be continually adding to the library, so that you’ll be able to find the right game for the right event.


It’s quite an exciting time for us – we’re looking forward to working with you on enabling the Social Suite in your upcoming events.


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