Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 14, 2010

Hybrid Event Summit: Successful Corporate Events Strategy

On April 8, we held the “Virtual Event Summit – How Hybrids Drive Real Business Results.” The presentations are now available on-demand in InXpoLive:  We’ve also posted our presentations on and will post summaries here throughout the week.

Successful Strategies for Corporate Events

In this 30-minute video chat, Chris Meyer, EVP of InXpo, starts his presentation  the changing technographics of audiences that marketers, associations and other organizations are seeking to reach. In the past, individuals were “Digital Adapters” who had to learn how to live in a digital world versus the younger generation that has intuitively used technology in their lives or “Digital Natives.”

According to Chris, this will establish an expectation on how  “we will use, we will deliver event experience, content, interaction, social media connections along with live events.” This will in turn inform about we build experiences for both live and virtual environments.

Chris then provided a quick overview on the evolution and growth of virtual events. Before taking questions from the audience, Chris also highlighted three hybrid event case studies from Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual, GE Healthcare and AIA.

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