Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 13, 2010

Hybrid Event Summit: Cisco Presentation

Thanks to everyone who joined us on April 8 for our “Virtual Event Summit – How Hybrids Drive Real Business Results.” The presentations are now available on-demand in InXpoLive:  We’ve also posted our presentations on and will post summaries here throughout the week.

Inside Look: How Cisco is Leveraging Hybrid Events to Deliver More Value

Kelly Graham and Dannette Veale of Cisco were our first speakers of the day. In the first part of the presentation, Kelly provided great insight for developing a virtual events strategy. This included recommendations for communications, promotion using social media, how to select a virtual vendor and more.

After providing this foundation for developing and implementing a virtual events strategy, Dannette then highlighted a real-world case use with Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual. This part of the presentation looked into why Cisco Live and Networkers decided to go virtual, the questions they considered, and the resulting virtual environment. Dannette ended the presentation with results and future developments.

The full presentation is embedded below. Please leave any comments or questions below on hybrid events.

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