Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | March 3, 2010

Virtual Edge 2010: Hybrid Event Experience

Dennis has written a bit about Virtual Edge here and here. While this was a physical event in Santa Clara, we had an unique opportunity to incorporate elements within our own virtual event titled InXpoLive@VirtualEdge to blend the virtual and physical experiences.

Connect the spaces visually

Our virtual environment leveraged images that mirrored the look and feel of the Santa Clara Convention Center. While we could have used photos, we opted for a 3D -based renderings as our virtual environment would exist beyond the physical conference.  

Leverage prize surveys to drive interaction

We created a multiple choice survey for prize entries to drive interaction with activities at the physical event, as well as drive traffic within the virtual event. The questions ranged from where the Virtual Edge Summit was located and recent news announcements to which InXpo representatives were presenting at the conference.

See the action in our demo room

We stationed a live webcam in our physical space.  Our “eye-in-the-sky” webcam provided virtual attendees an opportunity to view the action in our demo room at the convention center. Virtual attendees could also remotely control the camera with automatic presets or manually. 

Provide unique content via live broadcasts

In addition to streaming all the sessions live into our virtual event, our Virtual Guru, John Leahy, broadcasted live from our demo room. Using Ustream and our own video group chat technology, John gave quick updates and interviews with customers and partners, providing an additional channel for virtual attendees to be connected to the physical conference.


In Michael McCurry’s recent post about  hybrid events, he writes “Virtual attendees are real human beings, and just as “live”as their face2face counterparts.” We agree and look forward to driving the hybrid event experience.

If you missed Virtual Edge, all the sessions are archived in our virtual event:

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