Posted by: Dennis Shiao | February 26, 2010

Virtual Edge 2010: Industry Growth Via Channel Partnerships

At InXpoLive@VirtualEdge (InXpo’s virtual component to Virtual Edge Summit 2010), we were joined by four InXpo channel partners, who staffed virtual booths within our platform.  Some of our partners also joined us on-site in Santa Clara, CA and were featured in keynote presentations, workshops and breakout sessions.

Our CEO (Malcolm Lotzof) joined other industry leaders on a keynote panel discussion titled “The State (and Future) of Virtual Events”.  Malcolm reinforced our belief that industry channel partners will be the driving force behind the explosive growth of the virtual events industry.

Extend the depth and breadth of the account base

Our channel partners have been in business far longer than InXpo – and have the benefit of deep and long standing relationships with hundreds (or thousands) of client accounts.  As such, we look to our channel partners to lead us into markets and vertical industries that have yet to adopt virtual events.

Grow the business in a scalable manner

If one thing was clear at Virtual Edge 2010 – interest and demand for virtual events is as high as its ever been.  That creates a “good problem to have” for virtual event vendors – and at the same time, this is a key area where the right mix of channel partners is crucial.  InXpo is fortunate to be in a position to distribute client interest across our network of channel partners – which means that clients anticipating a high volume of virtual events can rest assured that InXpo – and our certified partners – are here to make the virtual experiences smashing successes.

Creation of partner-specific and industry-specific solution sets

Each of our partners brings a unique perspective, methodology and specialization to the table – our partnerships are structured to allow each partner to fully leverage their unique capabilities.  For one, we’ve built our platform to foster adaptability, extensibility and integration.  This allows our partners to build their own set of services on top of our platform – with one-time integration built (as needed) between the partner’s systems and our platform.  This structure allows our technology to find its way into new markets – enabled by the domain experts (our partners) who assemble solutions with a precise fit for those markets’ needs.


In closing, we’re fortunate to have great partners – and we look forward to the exciting things in store for 2010.


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