Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | February 22, 2010

Virtual Edge – Get a Copy of Our Virtual Times

The Virtual Edge Summit starts in just a half hour at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues, meeting up with customers and chatting with everyone about the virtual events industry. Today should be a lot of fun!

As Dennis wrote in an earlier post, there are a lot of exciting sessions and speakers over the next two days that I look forward to checking out. When we can, we plan to live blog as much of the conference here, as well as on Twitter via @inxpolive or @inxpo (#inxpolive and #ve10).

I’ll also login into our FREE hybrid event – InXpoLive@VirtualEdge, which will be streaming all of the sessions live from Virtual Edge. Our very own “Virtual Guru”, John Leahy, will also be broadcasting live from our demo room and speaking with customers (such as Cisco) and industry folks at scheduled times throughout the conference. John plans to event broadcast someo of his live show reports via his Ustream channel, which is a great example of our technology integration abilities. If you haven’t yet, register for the hybrid event at: and go to the “Live at Virtual Edge” space for a schedule of live broadcasts.

And finally, we are distributing a newspaper to all attendees called the Virtual Times. The paper highlights the business benefits of virtual events, best practices for a successful virtual or hybrid event, and how InXpo’s powerful platform makes vitual easy to plan, set up and use. There’s a lot happening and we look forward to bringing you all the action here, from the our hybrid event and on Twitter!

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