Posted by: Dennis Shiao | February 22, 2010

Day 1 Morning Recap: Virtual Edge 2010

“Some day, every physical event will have a virtual component”.  It’s Day 1 of Virtual Edge 2010 – while I was scheduled to be on-site (in Santa Clara, CA) with my InXpo colleagues, I had some unexpected family matters to attend to this morning.  As a result, I did the next best thing – I attended virtually at InXpoLive@VirtualEdge.  With live video streams powered by Stream57, I was able to view all the live sessions.  And I must say, the video quality was superb – for a moment, I thought I was in front of my living room’s HDTV.

In addition to the Virtual Edge session content, I was able to “check in” at the InXpo physical booth.  We mounted a webcam in our booth, which allows remote users to control it – you can zoom in/out – and pan left, right, up, down and all around.  I was able to see a lot of activity in the booth – we were fortunate to have a lot of visitors stop by.  Additionally, I saw several colleagues whose travel was delayed by snow (last night) – so now I know they arrived safely.

We also integrated with Ustream and provided live interviews from our booth, hosted by our Virtual Guru, John Leahy (InXpo’s Director of Product Management).  The Virtual Guru interviewed John Grosshandler of Maritz regarding his thoughts on virtual events.  All of our live interviews are available on-demand (once they’ve concluded) – you can see them here:

Register for InXpoLive@VirtualEdge:

Kimberly Stone of Planview

By way of our partner (Stream57), we’re streaming every single session of Virtual Edge.  Based on chatter within our Virtual Auditorium, the most popular morning session was, “Case Study: Your Annual User Conference Just Went Virtual – Now What?“, presented by Kimberly Stone of Planview.  Attendees commented that the information was valuable – and provided them with thoughts on planning their own virtual conferences.  In addition, several virtual attendees inquired about obtaining Kimberly’s PowerPoint presentation.

So that a brief recap of the morning – now, it’s time for me to cross over from virtual to physical – hope to see you there.


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