Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | February 2, 2010

Forbes Virtual Events Strategy: Part 1 of 4

Matt Schifrin, Vice President and Investments Editor of Forbes Media, speaks with Linda Bentley, Director of Business Development, Forbes, about the success of Forbes’ virtual events strategy. In this first part of four, Matt discusses how virtual events help to expand reach and connect sponsors with key constituents.

Note: InXpo’s powers the Forbes iConference series.

Full Transcript

Linda: Welcome Matt. Can you tell me a bit about some of the benefits that Forbes experienced from its vitual strategy?

Matt: Thanks for having me Linda. Well, Forbes has a long history of bringing expert insight and insightful commentary to our audience. And so we came upon these virtual events and have been using them to actually bring our expert commentary and insightful editorial content to our audience in a really smart and interactive way.  Our audience has been thrilled with being able to interact with the Forbes experts in a virtual world. We’ve been able to expand our reach.

It’s also been great for our sponsors, our advertisers because it allows them to have a dialogue with key constituents who come to Forbes and who come to Forbes virtual events to see our editorial content. And it showcases their brand, It showcases our brand and it allows them to engage in a dialogue with their constituents. And that’s what really all sponsors want and all of our key stakeholders want. And what’s even better is that allows them to gain full digital lead capture.

It’s been a win-win all around. Our audience, for Forbes, and our sponsors.

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