Posted by: jleahy | November 19, 2009

New Features and Enhancements: InXpo Virtual Event Platform 8.2

Our development team continues to be working hard on lots of new features for the InXpo virtual events platform.  Last Friday we just put into production the 8.2 release of the platform.  As always don’t hesitate to send us your feedback or leave us a comment.

There are three major areas that I want to highlight:

Enhanced Person-to-Person Messaging

We added a couple of features that will make it easier for attendees to communicate, connect and chat between themselves:

1)      Enhanced Notification: We have added an expanded communication notification bar that appears at the top of the event screen when an attendee has an inbound chat request, email, vcard, buddy log-in or other communication.  Instead of just a flashing indicator, this bar instantly drops down and shows more detailed information about the requestor/sender (such as Name, photo, title, chat, subject, etc) .  This feature will ensure that attendees do not miss any communications and that they have all the information necessary to prioritize communications.

 2)      Improved Responses: For attendees we have also added the option to add a short (250 character) message when declining a chat request – thereby giving attendees a more elegant way to interact even when declining requests.

Improved Search

We have a deep pipeline of features in queue designed to help virtual events attendees find the content they are looking for.

In the 8.2 Release we launched one of these improvements by adding blog search in the advanced search options.  This feature now gives attendees the ability to search specifically for blogs posted within the event. 

We have a lot more search and content discovery features coming; so stay tuned.

Live Motion Templates

This one is straight from the wow-factor department. 

We have added “Live Motion” templates inside XpoBuilder, our self-service, drag & drop tool that allows our event organizers, producers, exhibitors to build their virtual events.

What’s “Live Motion”?  Remember those background designs you see at our virtual events? Sure, they are functional, 3D, immersive & effective; but all those templates are static pictures. In this new release we’ve added ten new templates that now feature moving people, water, trees, windmills, and more.

In a world where it’s hard to get and keep an audience’s attention, this sort of movement magic can help keep attendees that much more focused on what’s happening in the virtual event.

The ten new Live Motion templates include:

  1. Business Park Campus
  2. Eco Valley Campus
  3. Eco Valley Lobby
  4. Grand Central Campus
  5. Grand Central Lobby
  6. Marina City
  7. Millennium Plaza
  8. Millennium Plaza Campus
  9. Modern City
  10. Modern Lobby

 Hold on to your hats, we have a lot templates coming.  Tell us or leave a comment if there is a Live Motion template style that you’d like to see.

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