Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | October 8, 2009

Virtual Events – Do I really need one of those?

Note: This is a guest post by Bob Bahramipour, who recently joined InXpo as Chief Marketing Officer.

I had an opportunity last week to speak about virtual events to a group of event planners at the Best Events Expo in Hollywood put on by Red7 Media. (The presentation was recorded. We will make it available once it’s been uploaded)

During the Q&A session I could see the wheels turning in the minds of a lot of very experienced & smart event planners as they were trying to figure out what all this virtual stuff meant to them. 

One reaction stood out from the rest.  The head of event planning at a research organization said me: “Today I use video conferencing plus instant messaging; why would I need a virtual events platform?”

The Answer? Well, it actually came from the questions that her colleague sitting next to her threw out:

  • What if I want to share interactive content on-the-fly during a session?
  • How do I limit distribution of sensitive content?
  • How can participants mingle with each other and connect during these sessions?
  • Is there a way to track what people view, say, and want?

So it seems that yes, you can piece together features that mimic the functions of a virtual event, but there is real power in using a unified platform.

A platform gives you reliable delivery.

A platform seamlessly integrates a complex set of functions into one experience.

A platform offers you a central command center for your event.

A platform allows you to track everything that happen so you can manage by metrics, not by gut.

Long live the platform.

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