Posted by: jleahy | October 5, 2009

InXpo Virtual Event Platform 8.1 Release


Note: John Leahy is Director of Product Marketing for InXpo. We look forward to his regular summaries on futures releases.

We are excited to announce a new release of the InXpo Virtual Event Platform and here’s a quick overview of our 8.1 update. As always we welcome your comments on the type of features that you would like to see us add. With no further ado, here are the updates for Release 8.1:

Engaging, Interactive Webcasting

XpoCast includes new audience interactivity features that now permit two-way and many-to-many conversations rather than just a traditional one-to-many webcast on the market today. This includes the ability to have group chats that can occur before, during or after the webcast and pushing live web pages to the slide area. For example, I can push a carbon calculator to the slide area and every person on the webcast can independently interact with the calculator until I move to the next slide. Why is this exciting? You’re now engaging people with your content in an unexpected way not seen before with other webcasting products available.

Furthermore, XpoCast now allows presenters the ability to capture and broadcast a video stream with just a webcam allowing anyone, anywhere to instantly be seen and heard by an audience without setting up studio equipment.

Metric-Based Lead Qualification

Only InXpo provides a 360 degree, real-time view into attendee activity and behavior. In addition to tracking existing attendee activity, such as number of document downloads and number of booth visits for lead scoring purposes, we now track and score prospective sales leads based on an individual’s keyword searches, conversations, and ratings and comments. This continues our metric-based approach to provide marketers with actionable data for post-event sales activities.  Metric reports can also be shared with exhibitors and attendees.

Search Marketing Optimization

Search is one of the most powerful ways to match content based on attendees’ interests. InXpo improves on its search features by providing show hosts and exhibitors real-time visibility into the most popular keyword searches within the virtual event. This way, show hosts and exhibitors can better optimize content on the fly to match attendee interests.

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