Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | September 13, 2009

Six Events Related Blogs to Read

Earlier, we highlighted the top 10 virtual events and worlds-related people to follow on Twitter. Here, we would like to highlight the top six events-related blogs to read, not including this blog of course =). These blogs discuss both physical and virtual events. In no particular order:

  • The Event Manager Blog: Started by Julius Solaris, the Event Manager Blog now has a group of contributors providing their insights. The blog provides event managers with the wisdom and tips they need to manuever the changing events world.
  • It’s All Virtual: Dennis Shiao provides insights about virtual events, virtual worlds and environments. His posts ranges from the benefits of this technology to how to generate revenues or drive audiences to your event. (Note: Dennis is an employee of InXpo.) 
  • Event Business & Marketing Blog: Gerd De Bruycker is a senior-level corporate events executive based in Europe.  While this blog is relatively new, Gerd brings a refreshing voice to the conversation both as a corporate event marketer and someone based in Europe.
  • Cisco’s Virtual Worlds: Written by Dannette Veale, this blog provides you a front seat to what Cisco is doing with virtual worlds and environments. Dannette writes honestly, pointing out what went right and lessons learned.  
  • Face2Face: Sue Pelletier brings her editorial eye to bring us the best from around the events world, while infusing her humor and keen perspective when needed.
  • Midcourse Corrections: This blog caught my eye for Jeff Hurt’s insightful posts and though-provoking questions regarding events, social media and everything else in between.

Are there any blogs we’re missing? Include them in the comments below and let us know why.

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Six Events Related Blog to Read by @InXpoLive: #virtual #eventprofs – Others to include?


  1. Wow.

    Thanks for including me in the list of some great bloggers here. I really appreciate it!

  2. Jeff – Definitely. Keep up the good work with your insights on events and the technologies that power them.

  3. Great to be listed here Cece,


  4. […] & Marketing Leave a Comment Tags: InXpo Yesterday I catched the following blog post Six Events Related Blogs to Read. Nice to see recognition and the fact that people appreciate what I […]

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