Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | September 8, 2009

Virtual Events A Perfect Training Environment for Learning


By dcjohn via Flickr

By dcjohn via Flickr


This is a guest post by Emma King, a Learning Strategist who has worked with organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Nike, Fidelity, Washington Mutual, and others; to help them optimize learning efficiency through the use of innovative learning techniques and technologies.

Corporate America has already embraced Web Conferencing, and will happily adopt a technology that will provide an interactive and stimulating environment, with a wide range of Social Media Tools.

For example last year I was working on a project which would’ve been ideal for a virtual event environment.  The Training Director of a Fortune 100 company was getting ready to roll out an 18-month management and leadership program to over 900 managers in over 12 locations in the US and Canada.  Company Policy restricted travel and there were limitations on who was allowed onsite for the training. When the budget was broken down it materialized that only 900 managers could be brought together for 4 days during those 18 months. The Training Director was actively looking into how web-conferencing and virtual instructor-led training will be able to help her train these managers over the next year and a half.

This is a typical scenario currently in Corporate America where training directors have to provide training, but not in person. Training professionals will need to begin using available technology to help them provide training. The ability to provide the same information over the web that is being provided in person will help companies control their training costs and spend the money on training, not travel.

And per Cece’s recent post in response to how virtual augments face-to-face, a study titled “Study Finds that Online Classroom Education Beats the Classroom” by SRI International for the Department of Education highlighted the benefits of online learning:

“Over the 12-year span, the report found 99 studies in which there were quantitative comparisons of online and classroom performance for the same courses. The analysis for the Department of Education found that, on average, students doing some or all of the course online would rank in the 59th percentile in tested performance, compared with the average classroom student scoring in the 50th percentile. That is a modest but statistically meaningful difference.”

Virtual events and virtual business environments like those provided by InXpo are perfectly suited for the training needs of these corporations.

What do you think?


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