Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | July 21, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Kenny Lauer, Executive Director of GPJ

I caught up with Kenny Lauer, Executive Director of Digital Experiences for George P. Johnson, last week. As part of his position, Kenny helps customers to incorporate digital elements and components into the experiences that GPJ creates. Here is a summary of the conversation:

 CEMA Presentation (0:40)

Kenny presented with Paul Salinger of Oracle at the CEMA Summit on Monday on how to use digital into your events game plan. This includes how to determine ROI as well as reviewing new developments in social media  for your events.

Top Concerns for Events Planners & Marketers (1:00) 

Per Kenny, a top concern is social media – how can event planners and marketers use social media during the different lifecycles of an event and different audience types. Other questions include using social media to draw people to an event, within in the event and after the event, as well as measurement.

There is also confusion about social for traditonal media, digital vs. analog and virtual vs. physical. Right now, all of these issues are coming up and converging. Event planners and corporate marketers are trying to figure all of this out.


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