Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | July 15, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Julius Solaris of Blur Marketing and the Value of Free

I spoke with Julius Solaris of Blur Marketing and blogger at The Event Manager blog using video Skype the other week. Julius also moderates the event planning group on LinkedIn which has over 10,000 members. We took this opportunity to discuss Jeff Hurt’s recent blog posting regarding the MPI’s decision to charge for their virtual portion of the organization’s conference.

Note: I apologize for the video and audio quality as I used a Flip camera to record Julius via video Skype. I recommend that you increase your volume to hear the audio more clearly.

Here is a summary of our conversation:

Pay or Free for Virtual Events

  • As this (MPI’s WEC Conference) was an education-focused event, believe that shouldn’t be charging for virtual
  • There are a lot of events happening online that are free to join to share information
  • There is a lot of free information online
  • Charging money for this content is redundant
  • Should look to foster innovation amongst event planners and lead by example

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