Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | July 13, 2009

Virtual Events for Public Relations

badgesNote: This is was adapted from a post on PR Meets Marketing blog.

Over the past year, virtual events (e.g. virtual conference, virtual tradeshow, etc.) have gained in popularity due to the economic recession and budget restrictions. As more corporations consider going virtual, we decided to explore the different types of a virtual event over the next few weeks. With my background in public relations and marketing, I thought I would tackle how public relations professionals can leverage virtual events.

  • How Public Relations Can Take Advantage of a Virtual Event

Here are my recommendations the next time you company attends an event with a virtual component:

  •  Staff the Booth: In a virtual world, there are no limitations on the number of booth staff. Alonside sales staff, PR folks should also particpiate. You will get to read what customers and prospects are seeking, which will make you more informed about your customer’s business. When a media or analyst comes to the booth, you would be the go-to person.
  • Include Media-Ready Content in the Booth: Depending on the virtual event, there are 3-5 tabs for content. Recommend that one tab includes information that would be valuable to press and analysts, such as fact sheets, company backgrounder, link to the corporate blog, link to your online newsroom, and other resources.
  • Participate in the Networking Lounge and Auditorium Chats: Most of the participants are in these two locations. Participate in these discussions as reporters may be asking questions of attendees, seeking resources, or participating in a subject-matter discussion. If the topic discusses your company or product, consider inviting the reporter to a private chat or to come by the booth to learn more. As everything, just make sure to be relevant to the reporter.  
  • Hold a “Virtual Press Conference” in Your Booth: Like a physical event, you can schedule time to have a “virtual press conference” for an announcement and Q&A with your executives. The benefit is that you can potentially drive more participants as there are no travel requirements. The Q&A would take place via the group chat, recognizing that this is visible to everyone.  And remember, this takes the same amount of preparation as a normal press conference!
  • Invite Press/Analyst to the Virtual Event: Virtual conference and tradeshows are fairly uncommon. If this is one of the first events in your industry, then press and analysts may be curious to learn more. Take this opportunity to invite them to the virtual event and discuss why your company is participating in the virtual trade show. Just be aware that registration is required to attend. Since most of this is free, consider setting up email aliases, e.g., to manage reminders directly with the reporter. Otherwise, have the reporter sign up directly.


In the end, a virtual conference or trade show represents an opportunity for public relations. I’ve heard of a few instances where press and analysts have been invited to invitation-only events online, I do anticipate this to increase as larger, more public conferences consider virtual components. When this happens, will you be prepared?

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  1. “When this happens, will you be prepared?” – Well it will vary from person to person. But i do agree on what you have said and really would like to get involved in this kind of public conferences.

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