Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | May 31, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Kevin Aires, George P. Johnson and Digital Experiences

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Aires, Director of Digital Experiences, George P. Johnson UK, at the Virtual Edge Summit last week. Kevin previously was working on virtual worlds with IBM and I was interested in hearing what his thoughts were from the Virtual Edge Summit. Apologies in advance for the technical difficulties with the audio toward the end of the video. Here is a summary of our conversation:

Digital Experiences Augment Physical Events

  • Physical will not go away which was reassuring to audience members from the events industry
  • While there is a reduction due to budget reasons and will come back, the landscape has changed
  • The digital experiences will augment and amplify the onging brand engagement

Alternative Reality Gaming

  • According to the presentation by Angie Smith of Cisco and Kenny Lauer of GPJ, using alternative reality gaming as a way to excite the Cisco sales force
  • When fusing traditional physical events with digital experiences, alternative reality gaming takes all of that to the next level

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XpoTalk interview with Kevin Aires of GPJ re: digital and gaming experiences by @InXpoLive:


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