Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | May 20, 2009

The Power of Partnerships – Part 2

In April, Dennis wrote about the power of partnerships and how these partnerships enhance not only how we create compelling virtual events that deliver real results, but also helps to drive our industry forward. Today, I’m excited to announce another strategic partnership with Maritz, a leader in creating effective meetings, events and incentive programs.

At InXpo, our core philosophy is Knowledge and Care – the commitment to expand the “Knowledge” of InXpo employees while maintaining our dedication of “Care” to make our customers’ events a great experience. And one of Maritz’ key strengths is helping companies to harness the full potential of its people, customers, and partners through incentive meetings, events and incentive programs. This combination will greatly benefit our customers.

Spur Growth of Virtual Events

These partnerships provide us the opportunity to collaborate with leading agencies such as experiential marketing leader George P. Johnson and incentive and motivation programs innovator Maritz. I also see these partnerships as helping to spur the understanding, education and, ultimately, growth of the virtual events industry as well.

As John Grosshandler, Director of Virtual Events, Maritz, said in the above XpoTalk Interview:

“The same types of things that Maritz does for a corporate customer for a physical event in terms of making the event easier, more effective and safer, when you start to bring that to the virtual world, you’re going to have corporate customers much more willing to embrace this because it will be seen as easier and safer to do.”

I agree with John and look forward to working with Maritz to achieve this vision. Welcome Maritz – this is the beginning of a great partnership!

Articles About the Partnership:

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InXpo partners with Maritz for Total Event Environments (TVE) by @InXpoLive:

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