Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | May 4, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Event Community with Michael Doyle of VirtualEdge

Michael Doyle is founder of VirutalEdge, an organization that seeks to help those who produce virtual events and meetings. I had an opportunity to chat with Michael about VirtualEdge, the community around the organization, and the future of virtual events.

Who is Michael Doyle?

  • Over 20+ year experience in the event, trade show, conference and publishing industries
  • Has been involved in event planning for organizations, associations and independent events
  • The goal of VirtualEdge is to share best practices, techniques and technologies

Technology Aspect for VirtualEdge’s Online Community

  • Decided to use Ning, a social networking platform, as core website with community components incorporated
  • Provide a single place for all the information
  • Create a community for sharing information and content while networking with one-another which may be difficult with a static website

Future of Virtual Events in 2009 and 2010

  • There are a lot of factors contributing to the increase of virtual events from corporations doing internal meetings, show producers seeing a decline in attendance to media companies using virtual as an aspect of their business
  • Still in the early adoption phase so individuals and organizations are inexperienced in producing and developing virtual events
  • While physical event planners are not prepared, they have transferable knowledge and skills for virtual events

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