Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 28, 2009

Event Marketing Summit: Summary of Day 2

ems09Day 2 of the Event Marketing Summit is winding down and it’s been a day of sessions and keynotes. Here is a quick summary from the events that InXpo attended today:

  • Cisco and George P. Johnson
    • First physical sales event for Cisco was in 1989
    •  Cisco’s Angie Smith says 11am on Nov 5 she received a “shock and awe” call that the physical GSX event was over
    • Cisco Global sales meeting with 23,000 sales people going 100% virtual in 2009
    • Cisco Global Sales Meeting will engage sales people with an alternative reality game. Prize is something like flying on private jet to see Bono
    • Disclosure: InXpo is powering the virtual global sales meeting and partnering with George P. Johnson on the experience
  • Offline and Online with EA Sports
    • Building communities around the gaming experience…”Empower the User & Connect the Community
    • Don’t be concerned if your community starts off small because growing too fast may not have staying power
    • The smaller, qualified audiences has more staying power and empowered users to help grow the community grow through content and participation
    • EA Sports – It’s in the Game (sorry, had to say this as it resonated with their community!)
  • Keynote with
    • Jeremy Gutsche Founder “Complacency will be the Architecture of your downfall” successful companies always innovate!
    • No point innovating if you think you already know the answer
  • EventView 2009 Update
    • EventView 2009 looks at what keeps marketers up at night

    • Graph about the trends in marketing kpi’s – event marketing and experience has increased as larger part of marketing

    • Interestingly event marketing and web marketing are 1, 2 for those with increased budgets… Virtual events best of both?


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