Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 23, 2009

XpoTalk TV: Creating a Community with John Welsh of UBM Live

In this interview for XpoTalk TV, John Welsh, Digital Director of UBM Live, gives his thoughts on how he began in social media, the impact of social media on the media industry and how community is an opportunitiy for media companies.  This interview was conducted at Web 2.0 in April 2009.

Purpose and Use of Social Media

  • Motivate, encourage and encourage more his colleagues to jump into the digital future
  • John started in social media nearly 2 years ago but really started getting involved the past 5-6 months that he have been bringing all the elements together

Media Companies and Social Media

  • When asked about how media companies are reacting to social media, John mentioned that media businesses feel a need to participate in it
  • For UBM Live, the company has been participating it for awhile now
  • Most companies in the UK are tending to look at social media to enhance traditional methods of communications
  • Key is not to broadcast rather to build a community and enhance existing ecosystem

Media Business Digital Expansion

  • Media companies have to own the community otherwise other entities will do this first
  • Media companies need to be networked into the community
  • Second generation Web and social media “lets people become addicted to digital for the first time ever and this is a huge opportunity”

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