Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 21, 2009

6 Tips to Set Up Twitter for Your Event

twitter-birdI noticed a question on LinkedIn about how to start using Twitter for an event and why. This question was the impetus for this post. As I previously wrote, I think Twitter has huge potential to promote your virtual or physical events.

6 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter:

 1) Create an account: Go to Twitter and set up an account for your organization. We did this for our company at

 2) Design a background: Besides including basic information in your profile, create a custom background image that includes your event website URLs, social media presence or other contact information. This is done under settings and design. Check out our Twitter page for an example.

3) Create a hashtag descriptor: This is a system for “tagging” messages on Twitter and help filter the messages related to this tag. This is developed by adding a “#” before a word or initials that relates to your organization or event. For example, MarketingProfs Digital World Marketing Virutal Conference used #mpworld.

4) Go to Twitter Search: Once you’ve decided on a hashtag descripter, research itTwitter Search to confirm that you have a unique hashtag. If nothing comes up in the search, you have an unique hashtag.

5) Publicize: Once you’ve set up your Twitter account and created a hashtag, it’s important to publicize this on your website, the event page, and in any marketing efforts you do. Otherwise, no one will use it when the time comes.

6) Educate your members:  Be prepared for members to ask you what Twitter is and how to participate once you begin publicizing it. Make sure to have a Twitter FAQs Page ready.


 Tweet this on Twitter

To make this easier for you, just cut and paste the following:

6 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter for Your Event by @inxpolive: #eventprofs

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