Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 13, 2009

A Glimpse Into the Potential Power of Twitter for Event Marketing

Summary of Tweets related to MarketingProfs Virtual Conference

Summary of Tweets related to MarketingProfs Virtual Conference


I previously wrote about the MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference (note: my company powered the virtual conference and participated as an exhibitor) and mentioned that MarketingProfs was the second most discussed topic on Twitter that day.


After the show concluded, I took a snapshot of tweets directly related to InXpo. The above image includes:


Potential Reach and Influence

This snapshot gives you a sense into why companies and events are buzzing about the potential of Twitter. One tweet has the potential to be picked up by not only your followers, but also your followers’ followers and so on. You also then have to consider the influence of each individual who subsequently retweets it. With these factored in, the potential reach and influence of a single tweet can be quite powerful.


For example, the post potentially reached 6914 people while my previous post had a potential reach of over 27,500!


What Does this Mean for Your Event

With the rise of social media technologies, attendees are participating more in the discussion around the event. No longer is it a one-way broadcast from the podium to the audience with Q&A from a microphone. The trend, and to some degree expectation, is that attendees’ voices will be “heard” and responded to throughout the conference and during sessions.


Here are the benefits for show organizers:

  • Increased Engagement: With Twitter, attendees are becoming engaged with your show, content and speakers. This provides an additional level of engagement that wasn’t available previously

  • Real-time Feedback: You have a real-time pulse of what attendees are seeking to hear and see. Where possible, you can begin altering your schedule to better address these needs

  • Extending Audience: With hundreds and potentially thousands of messages created about your event, you’re extending your sphere of influence to new audiences. Who knows, people may decide to come to the event after seeing it on a friend’s twitter feed.

  • Free Promotion: And all of this is free. New audiences. Increased brand awareness. What more can you ask for?


Tweet this on Twitter

To make this easier, just cut and paste the following:

Glimpse of Twitter’s Power for Event Marketing by @InXpoLive:


  1. As you mentioned, I’ve experienced the same at some recent events where attendees are no longer content with simply sitting and listening. They want to be actively engaged in the discussion and participate whenever they want. More and more events are using projection screens to display streams of tweets related to the topic at hand, plus organizers are using Twitter to update conference-goers with the latest details or session schedules.

    As we prepare for our annual meeting this fall, I’ll definitely be taking Twitter into account and determining the best way for us to utilize it to our own advantage and to the advantage of our attendees.

    Thanks for this insight into the Marketing Profs event and the success you had with Twitter.

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  3. […] A Glimpse into the Potential Power of Twitter for Event Marketing […]

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