Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | April 5, 2009

And the Flip Mini HD goes to…

Flip Mini HD with Tripod

Flip Mini HD with Tripod

Last week, we participated at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World virtual conference (note: this virtual conference was powered by InXpo). The event proved tremendously successful. Thanks to all the folks who came by our virtual booth as well as forwarded their feedback to @InXpoLive.

The Flip Mini Goes To

At our virtual booth, you had an opportunity to win a Flip Mini HD by answering 4 quick questions. With no further ado, Christina of OpSource is our winner!  When asked about her experience at the virtual conference, Christina said:

“I’ve been to several virtual conferences, and this was by far the best one I’ve attended, both from a content side and a technical side. The presentations were excellent, the opportunity to network was easy and fun, and the interaction on the show floor was quite useful. I’ve already signed up for the fall event.” 


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