Posted by: Dennis Shiao | April 1, 2009

The Power Of Partnerships

Click on the image to play a video regarding the announcement

Click on the image to play a video regarding the announcement

Producing virtual events are fun and rewarding – and for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of a virtual event is the partnership that’s created with our clients.  It’s a partnership that allows us to learn from our clients as much as we’re able to teach.  A few of the virtual event best practices that I recommend came from direct observation of clients who were doing their very first virtual tradeshow.  So while virtual events are a new medium, there remain core, fundamental practices that can make any type of event successful.

At InXpo, we have the privilege of working with Fortune 500 enterprises – they’re interested in virtual events for lead generation, virtual sales kick-off meetings, virtual career fairs, virtual partner expos and much more.  We work closely with b-to-b and b-to-c publishers, who look to pair physical events with a virtual component – or, who look to “floor” a virtual event that they would never have considered doing in-person.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without the collective knowledge and input that we (and our platform) have gained from enterprises and publishers alike.

Today, we’re excited to add to our partner roster, as we announce a strategic partnership with George P. Johnson, the world’s premier experience marketing agency.  George P. Johnson has been around for over 90 years – and today, create nearly 5,000 events globally.  That’s a strong heritage.  And, that’s a lot of events and experiences created.  I’m very excited about the knowledge and insight we’ll gain from this partnership – we’ll benefit a great deal, but our customers will benefit the most.

Here are just a few of the things that I look forward to:

  1. Insights and expertise – allowing InXpo’s platform to create the most compelling and useful virtual experiences
  2. Collaboration on the next phase of virtual event evolution
  3. Integration between physical and virtual – today, event planners might floor a physical and virtual event simultaneously – tomorrow, those “flavors” should blend, such that it’s hard to distinguish one from the other

So to everyone at GPJ – welcome.  We’re looking forward to a great partnership.


  1. thanks Dennis. We are looking forward to producing some great experiences with you guys.

  2. I second that! As GPJ UK’s new Director – Digital Experience, I look forward to getting to know you all.

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