Posted by: Sean Patrick Keen | March 30, 2009

Nurture Your Webinar Audience for Increased Engagement

kingArdath Ablee at DemandGen Report recently posted an excellent article about creating “nurturing programs” for webinars.  She outlines several strategies that can be used before, during and after a webinar to promote advanced audience participation and engagement.

The concepts she discusses are designed to make the content valuable to attendees in order to draw attention to the webinar, and maximize the “return on attention” for both the webinar host and attendees.

Do you have a follow-up informational offering that will help them extend the ideas you shared in the webinar? Unless they’ve asked you to, this is not the time to switch to sales mode.

Content is king.  While it is a timeworn cliché, it is particularly true pertaining to webinars.  A webinar should not be seen as a vehicle to drive sales or promote a specific call to action.  The content of a webinar should be engaging and organically create interest in your products or services. 

Using a webinar to aggressively market without providing tangible value can make a bad impression with your audience and potentially limit the amount of repeat attendees for future events. 

While these strategies are intended for webinars, they are also incredibly valuable for virtual tradeshows or corporate events.  For further reading on the subject, please take a moment to review Ablee’s post at DemandGen and share any feedback or observations.

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