Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | March 19, 2009

Press Release: Events can boost ROI

In February 2009,  George P. Johnson, Meetings Professional International and Event Marketing Institute issued a press release regarding their EventView 2009 report which surveyed 1,000 senior corporate sales and marketing executives. Key findings included:

  • 53 percent stated that event marketing best “accelerates and deepens relationships with target audiences”
  • 26 percent stated that event marketing drives the greatest ROI
  • 29 percent said that would transition from event marketing to experience marketing (integrated online and live experiences that “deep interaction through highly-relevant storytelling and brand immersion”) in the next 12 months
  • 66 percent plan to implement or have already implemented green initiatives with event function. Of the 66 percent, 44 percent is due to corporate mandate with green encompassing 13 percent of event budget

 What does this mean for marketing professionals and event planners?

  • Have a clear understanding of your measurements so you can communicate how events have accelerated your relationships and ROI, such as increased customer contacts and conversations, increased deal size or pipelines
  • Start thinking about being green now instead of waiting for a corporate mandate. And yes, virtual events are a great way to incorporate this concept for part or most of your program yet
  • Make sure that virtual events is a strategic part of your overall events strategy because
  • Having an integrated strategy will create a consistent brand experience with your key audience
  • If you’re able to do the above, this positions you as a hero in your organization by providing real value, delivering a consistent brand experience to your audience and being green

What do you think?

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  1. This is great information. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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