Posted by: Cece Salomon-Lee | March 13, 2009

Top Ten Virtual Events and Worlds People to Follow on Twitter

In addition to telling the world what you’re doing, Twitter is a great way to receive instantaneous feedback from people you trust. With the increased interest in virtual events and worlds, there is increasing discussion about how to do virtual events, best practices, and best vendors.

Virtual Events and Worlds People on Twitter

Here are 10 people you should follow on Twitter (and yes, I added a fellow colleague because he does provide valuable information):

  1. @shakus – Shaku is with IBM WebSphere. In between interesting insights, Shaku also highlights recent work on behalf of her company.
  2. @kellycisco – Kelly Graham is amanager with Cisco’s virtual events team; however, her tweets are protected
  3. @nickwilsonNick Wilson mainly focused on Virtual Worlds, but does discuss virtual events (2D environments via a browser) as this is a type of “virtual world”
  4. @kennyl – Kenny Lauer is Director of Digital Technology with George P Johnson. In the end, isn’t this just an event?
  5. @virtualedge – Michael Doyle is the founder of the Virtual Edge community and is holding an event at the end of May to discuss the emergence of virtual events
  6. @tojuliusJulius Solaris is based out of the UK. He really provides in-depth knowledge about physical events and social media. He does discuss virtual from time to time
  7. @kevinaires – He just left IBM to join GPJ. He really understands virtual world
  8. @johnwelshJohn Welsh is with UBM Live out of the UK. He provides the media publishing perspective
  9. @dshiaoDennis Shiao was previously with TechTarget and is now with InXpo. Dennis explores the different aspects of virtual events
  10. @eventprofs – The puspose of Events Profs is to increase the discussion about virtual events. Also uses #eventprofs. This will also yield more individuals thinking about the virtual events space.  

 Who would you recommend as must follow for the virtual events and worlds space?

P.S. I am at @csalomonlee and our company is @InXpoLive

 Tweet This on Twitter

To make this easier for you, just cut and past the below into Twitter:

Top 10 virtual events and worlds experts to follow on Twitter from @InXpoLive:


  1. Hi There –

    I’d add @iandavmcg – Ian McGonnigal to the mix.

    Here’s a guest blog post of Ian’s on AMA Boston’s blog:

    Virtual Events: Six things to consider on the way to the New World

  2. Thanks Tom. Ian is a wealth of knowledge. My colleague also recommended Dannette Veale of Cisco (@dveale)

  3. All great ideas but I would also add another item to it: consider doing a virtual event. Virtual events are a great way to stay in front of customers, generate new leads and help close business already in the pipeline. There are simple very inexpensive ways to hold virtual events and there are more robust, feature rich and scalable solutions (like InXpo, ON24 or Stream57) that are great for putting on events that include virtual exhibits, informative conference sessions, product demos as well as networking with attendees. While people are reluctant to travel, they are highly likely to attend an event that they can attend from their desk. Even if you are simply doing a product demo or better yet, offering some educational information in say a webinar or webcast, a virtual event will get you more exposure and more leads very cost effectively. Visit to find out more about how to do this and locate virtual event providers.

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  5. […] Top Ten Virtual Event and Worlds People to Follow on Twitter […]

  6. Thanks for the excellent reference guide Cece. I added to my Twitter account: @OnlineEvents_PM the ones that I was not following. My career page is found at:

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