Posted by: rhawkinson | February 27, 2009

Meeting the Demand for Virtual Event Functionality

The virtual events’ industry is continually evolving and that keeps the Product Marketing and Development teams very active at InXpo. In this fast-paced market, traditional software releases of 6-8 months just don’t work because by the time they are released and then deployed, too much time has passed. At InXpo we’ve met the industry challenge by delivering new enhancement releases every 60-90 days, ensuring that all of our customers have access to the most current and innovative virtual event tools available.

We’re pleased to announce that our February release is here.  The following are a few of my favorite features of this release and how these are used to promote the virtual experience, which is paramount to the overall delivery.

·         Enhanced Blogging – User-generated content continues to grow in our customers’ virtual events and blogging is just one of the many areas available. As blogs found their way into C-Level corporate meetings and product and customer sessions, there was a request from our customers to provide tight security access filters on who can view and enter posts. In addition to this feature, the blogging product also self-maintains its content and provides automated report delivery to blog owners on any inappropriate content that may have been posted.  

·         Physical Event Integrations – We’ve all seen the reduction in corporate travel and the impact it has on physical events. However, physical events have an important role, so we asked ourselves how to co-mingle the two together.  Through our customers, we’ve worked with a number of event companies to do just that.  As a result, we’ve extended our Registration interface (API) to include session sharing, so sessions I attend at a physical event are automatically added to my virtual planner. Important contacts I meet at the physical event are also automatically tagged to the virtual event, so networking can continue after the physical event ends.

·         Graphical Search – Search at a virtual event is essential, and while all virtual providers offer search, we looked for a more personable way to deliver the results compared to the scrolling lists we are all familiar with.  With this release, search results are delivered with thumbnails of the presentation, pictures of the participants and the actual image of the booth making search more engaging.

·         Creative Treatments – 3D imagery has moved forward at a rapid clip and at InXpo we are continually working with the newest tools and concepts. Though we all know that in the end, it’s the content that keeps participants in the event and keeps them coming back, virtual events also need to be entertaining, which requires the creative setting to be pleasing and interesting as well. We have now incorporated animation with real video of people interacting on the exhibit floor. With this release, as we do with every single release, images get richer and the image library is expanded. 

These are just a few of our new creative highlights.  This is a rapidly-evolving market and to be a leading innovator, you need to stay ahead and anticipate the direction of the virtual market. Our next release is in April and that includes a level of innovation that will redefine how virtual events are delivered. Stay Tuned!!!

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